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What drives some of the top social influencers? Asian Wealth and Porsche find out.

Luxury & Lifestyle 29-08-2018

Asian Wealth has teamed up with Porsche GB to find out what inspires and drives some of the UK’s influential and inspiring social influencers to consistently move forward in their businesses and lives.

Anish Bhatt

Watch Blogger / Entrepreneur

It’s so important not to get comfortable and stay in the same place, because just like swimming if you stay still, you drown. If you do it well, people will always try to emulate what you do. So, complacency becomes my biggest fear. As the cliché goes, reaching the top isn’t the hard part, it’s staying there.

I’ve been fascinated by wrist watches since I was 19. What drives me now is intrinsically the same, but has evolved. Now as a team, we’re driven by bettering ourselves and looking back at what we did and looking forward to what we’re going to do, and planning something really insane that has never been done before. It’s good to say: “that’s better than before” or “that’s smarter than what we did before”. So, having done all that, what drives me now is to leave something positive that people can look back on and say we did something really cool.

Sharon and Mandeep Kang

Fashion designers, StylmK the label

Being sisters as well as business partners gives us the opportunity to work together on our strengths but also forces us to deal with the challenges that arise from working so closely together.

Our fashion blog and clothing business are both aligned in terms of what we want to achieve; designing and styling luxury outfits that are accessible by the everyday working woman at a reasonable price-point.  We are constantly reflecting and inspiring each other through discussing the finer details of the business. Unconscious to this at first, we have found the more details we discuss out loud, the quicker we evolve and drive our business forward.

Amandeep Singh


Remember, storytellers rule the world and you can only build stories by absorbing what’s around you. It’s the biggest challenge to leave the pen on the table when we’ve been given so much beauty around us. Ever seen a brown galaxy from the stains of inside a coffee mug? How about making faces from the cracks of the pavements?

As a child, my father would tell me to look to the sky, and we would both, along with my sister, make animals from the big fluffy clouds. It was at that very moment I realised all the knowledge and understanding we need to feed our inspiration is around us. Nature was the best library. This is what drives me to create more, to challenge more, surpass my day-before imagination and to create endlessly through the career I have paved. Magic does exist, if we take the time to view it. I don’t search for it. It’s always found me.

Coco Hamilton


I’m driven by the opportunity to share my unique lifestyle with the world. This lifestyle and the many opportunities have evolved from my love of luxury brands and my experience working with high profile families in Saudi Arabia. It’s not every day that you are given the chance to do what you love and be able to call it a job too!

My Instagram posts are indeed centred around my passions of luxe and fashion, and giving my followers a true-to-life view of my day-to-day life. However, I studied and attended law school at Cambridge University so law is another passion of mine. I like to think that I use my degree in all that I do and it is this knowledge that has helped ensure the success of my two lifestyle brands.

Finally, it goes without saying that inspiring my followers is a great motivation that drives me to succeed and move forward with my businesses. It’s uplifting to read comments by followers who look up to me, which is why I am always striving to come up with new ways to excite and delight them through partnerships.

Azam Jaafri

Serial entrepreneur / Angel investor

I love entrepreneurship, the risks and rewards, the opportunities, creating brands, meeting new people but it’s much more than that for me. My most potent source of motivation is my vision for the future…for myself, my family, and society. I believe we can all have a positive influence on one another.

The positive changes I can make in my life and the lives of others is what gets me out of bed and keeps me fuelled. I have some concerns about changes I see in our society especially those impacting young people. Being an entrepreneur makes it possible for me to contribute to the change I want to see in the world.

Anish Vin

Trader, Property

It’s a constant strive of being better that drives me on a day to day basis. Each day, as soon as I wake up, I spend the first 30 mins looking at how I can improve on something I did the day before. It can range from small things such as eating healthier to being more efficient in my business.

I challenge myself in areas of business that I wouldn’t normally feel comfortable in. I started my clothing brand ONEOFF from a desire to dress better, but also to challenge myself with a totally new form of business. The result is a fruitful venture that has opened doors into an industry previously foreign to me.

These experiences have led me to believe that if you’re trying to improve on who you are and challenge your abilities, then you will never be complacent. It’s one of my biggest fears to become complacent in my personal and business life. I like the idea of change and always want things to be progressing. Changing my cars every six months, shifting my routine, or constant trips out of my usual environment also help me to achieve this.

Niki Mahon

Founder, Nikita by Niki

Every task is different when you’re a director of a company. I thoroughly enjoy the office environment that I’ve created so getting up and heading to my office is always exciting. I get on so well with my staff and I love my desk and work set up.

Starting my own business has also made me into a morning person. If you’re anything like me, you feel better after completing a solid, productive day’s work. When I’m up early and I’ve spent the day liaising with my manufacturers and developers and I can see the progression of my products and designs, it fuels my drive.

Having said that, not every day is easy. Personal life can affect how you feel about tackling business and your motivation in general, however I’ve learnt that the distraction of one’s work is the best thing to pick you up and keep you focused when other aspects of your life aren’t quite working out.

Although it’s important to set goals, it can be detrimental to think about the end goal each day. My advice to anyone starting a business would be to always focus on the next step and the rest will follow.

Deana Uppal

Actor / Director / Entrepreneur

I was raised in a single parent family. My mother was born in India and came to UK when she was only 18 and uneducated. As I was growing up I saw the financial troubles that she had to go through to raise me. This taught me an important lesson – to always work hard and educate myself to create a better life for my future. I learnt that especially for a woman, being independent is very important.

Every year I set new goals for myself, both in my career and in my personal life. These goals enable me to be fully independent, which I think is a must for a woman. Seeing where I came from and where I am today gives me a great sense of happiness and excitement and I know lots more is to come. So, what drives me are the values and lessons my mother taught me, as well as the satisfaction I get in the pursuit of achieving my own goals and being a fully independent woman.

Aman Natt

Currency trader

Quite simply, it’s refusing to go back. But what do I mean by “going back”?

I always say it’s like sitting in business/first class on a flight. Once you experience that, you will almost certainly refuse to sit in economy. And then once you’ve experienced first class, the next level can only be flying on a private jet! Ultimately, your goal is to one day make that a permanent way of life. This is why I have a plane tattooed on my left arm…it is a constant reminder of my goal. The best reason for setting your goals high is that even if you fall slightly short of them, you’re still in a great position. For me, this tattoo is just one of many motivational contributors that help elevate my dreams and stay fixated on success. This has helped me create constant motivation that leads to more creativity, focus, and determination.

For me, it’s about lighting that fire within to strive for greatness, and just as important is having the right people around you. This helps create a consistent routine daily to help you win.

“Your dream has to be bigger than your fear” — Steve Harvey

With Thanks to The Athenaeum Hotel, Mayfair – @theathenaeum

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