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Instagram couple Donato and Giulia take us to Turkey

Luxury & Lifestyle 27-07-2020

A destination steeped in history, Cappadocia, Turkey, is easy to reach and mesmerising whatever season you decide to visit. Instagram couple Donato Solimena and Giulia De Jesus share their top things to do in the region

Over the last few years Cappadocia has become a popular hotspot, particularly on social media.

The landscape resembles a painting with hundreds of hot-air balloons in the sky, and views so breath taking you won’t believe your eyes. We particularly adore has characteristic geological features that mimic the moon’s surface. The rocks of Cappadocia have eroded into hundreds of spectacular pillars and minaret-like forms, from which people have carved out houses, churches, monasteries and even hotels.

While Cappadocia is a great destination for any season, July and August are the hottest months, so the climate may not be entirely suitable for you.

We suggest you reserve at least 2-3 days for your trip to enjoy this special region to the fullest.

Our favourite things to do in Cappadocia:

1. Hot-air balloon ride

A hot-air balloon ride at dawn is our number one thing to do in Cappadocia. Especially as the balloon takes off, it is a unique adventure that is both powerful and exciting.

The most emotional moment was when we realized the height we were at and suddenly, we began to notice the view. The landscape was astonishing…a colourful spectacle, with the sky full of other hot-air balloons and the land under us, tiny but breath taking.

There are a number of travel agencies who can organize this trip for you. We highly recommend Turkiye Balloons.

2. Watch hot-air balloons from the ground

Taking in the view of hot-air balloons that float in the sky at sunrise or sunset is a fantastic experience.

The balloons are so big and colourful so it’s really easy to capture some great photos.

We would suggest you try to wake up at around 5:30am and head to the Dalton Brother Region where all of the hot-air balloons take off. The location is very easy to find and you can always use Google Maps.

3. Goreme Open Air Museum or Pasabag Valley

A stunning, culturally and historically rich fortress carved out from the rocks, Cappadocia Open Air Museum has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1984. The site is home to a cluster of the finest rock-cut churches, chapels and monasteries with beautiful frescoes. There is a small fee to enter, but it’s totally worth it. The view from the top of the site is terrific! We took amazing photos so we can capture the experience forever.

A short distance from the museum, Pasabag Valley has some of the most striking chimneys-form rocks in Cappadocia, with twin and even triple rock caps. Also called Monks Valley, it takes its name from from the monk refuges carved into the soft rock cones.

This historical site is very popular, free to enter and attracts many tourists throughout the year.

4. Sample the traditional food of Cappadocia

One of the most exciting things for us is to try and taste all of the specialties a destination can offer. If you find yourself in Goreme, a small town in the centre of Turkey, make sure you try at least one of the many traditional Turkish restaurants there. Set yourself to experience delicious barbeques, as well as many vegetarian appetizers, condiments and main courses on offer.

5. Book one of the traditional hotels in Cappadocia.

Many of the hotels here are carved out in the rocks. Not so far from the Open Air Museum, we stayed at the Rox Cappadocia. It is a really convenient location if you want to enjoy the hot-air balloons. We decided to wake up very early in the morning, at around 5am, and go to the terrace to enjoy the landscape. We had breakfast while dozens of hot-air balloons took off in the sky at dawn. It was a breath taking and an unforgettable moment.

How to get to this fairy region:

The best and fastest way to get the Cappadocia is to fly directly. Turkish Airlines brings directly to the Cappadocia region. There are two airports to choose from if you want to reach the towns of Goreme, Kayseri or Nevsehir.  Buses depart from both airports and will stop by the hotel of your choice.

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