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Divya Maru: Making your jewellery purchase as personal as can be

Entrepreneurs 15-10-2021

Divya Maru is head of marketing and finance at Leonné. The intimate, family run boutique stems from generations of jewellers, and prides itself on its bespoke approach.

We ask Divya her advice on choosing jewellery, and her thoughts on the latest trends.


What jewellery trends have you noticed? Which items in particular have been popular?

I would say the classics are coming back with a bang! Yellow gold jewellery has been a massive hit in the last couple of years, along with signet rings and personalised jewellery. There’s also been an upsurge in custom jewellery where clients want to incorporate precious family heirlooms like diamonds or other precious stones into new pieces. We have also had an influx of requests to replicate missing jewellery such as missing earrings etc., to complete a much loved item of jewellery.

How does Leonné offer a bespoke approach?

Choosing our bespoke service also means no one will ever have the same jewellery piece as you. Using our professional CAD (computer aided design) software, our head designer will combine your vision with our expertise to create the jewellery piece of choice. The precision and techniques we follow mean your jewellery will be perfect every time.

What is your advice to someone wanting to revive a family heirloom?

We understand handing over a precious heirloom to a jeweller can be daunting. Our professional service, approach, and care mean we treat each piece with the care and respect it deserves. We can utilise old stones into modern pieces. By scanning each stone using our professional software, we can guarantee a perfect fit for any size or shape of stone.

How has the thirst for jewellery evolved over the past two decades?

Like anything, jewellery has its trends, from colourful pieces to statement one-colour pieces. Over the last two decades, a lot of people loved celebrity styles, from large hoops and over-the-top rhinestone chokers. Big, bulky, standout jewellery was definitely trending during the 00’s, then from around 2010 onwards, the style was more subtle and minimal. Now bulky standout jewellery is making a comeback. The demand for ‘rapper’ style pendants, diamond encrusted bangles, watches and rings are in high demand.

Your tips for jewellery collectors?

Find great statement pieces. Trends come and go but classics will always remain and become trendy every few years. Invest in gemstones and gold.

What is the one piece of jewellery you would never leave the house without?

My engagement ring and wedding band. I always get compliments for my jewellery. I believe you are the biggest advert for your own brand so, by showcasing what we do on my own hands is an advertisement in itself.

What made you branch out to Mavi London?

My father-in-law started our first jewellery business ‘Maru Craft’ in Kenya around 35 years ago and I wanted a part of the jewellery business where I could put my own stamp on it. Mavi London is named after our children Veer and Mahi, and sells ready-made sterling silver and 9ct gold day-to-day jewellery. Our jewellery is worn by a couple of celebs including Stacey Solomon who wore earrings from Mavi London for her baby shower back in 2019.

Now the sweet stuff, tell me about your macaron business, Le Petit Rond.

I’m an enthusiastic home cook / mummy chef, and love creating delicious vegetarian and vegan meals. Growing up in a vegetarian household meant we were very restricted when it came to lovely desserts as most things contained eggs or gelatine. So for that reason I loved creating egg-free desserts, and macarons were always an item I wanted to recreate. I perfected my recipe over the course of a year and finally decided to launch a luxury egg-free and vegan macaron business.

Who is your dream dinner guest?

I have two! My dream guests would be Atul Kochhar and Nigella. I love their enthusiasm and their flair in the kitchen. I feel I resonate a lot with Nigella Lawson in creating wholesome, hearty family meals.
Photo credit – Rory B Gullan for Foundxrs Club

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