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The gloves are off: Mac v PC

Business 02-02-2015

If five years ago you’d asked a PC user about Macs, they would have said that they were for the arty types. Traditionally the Mac was synonymous with the design world, and the PC the king of the business world. However, things are changing. With the ever growing popularity of Apple’s iPhone and iPad, many home PC users are defecting to the Mac; will the same be said for the small business? AWM’s technology guru Nemash Patel looks at the pros and cons of Macs and PCs for the small business.


  • In general PCs are at least 40% cheaper than their Mac equivalent.
  • PCs are manufactured by many companies which mean greater supply and more affordable pricing.
  • Cheaper doesn’t always mean the best.


  • Macs are manufactured by Apple alone. This means that there is no competition and therefore the price is determined by Apple.
  • The machines are built to last and are known for being well tested, which means they are less likely to give you any problems.


  • You can custom build your PC which can keep costs down. This also means that you can easily upgrade your hardware and make it better as you need it.
  • Customisation gives the added benefit of being able to take advantage of the last changes in technology.


  • Apple prides itself on producing high spec machines that are fully featured and optimised to last. It designs its own operating system and its own hardware, which means no capability issues.
  • Making upgrades to your Mac isn’t impossible, but does require professional attention.


  • As PCs are more popular and therefore have much greater market share there is more software developed and available for them.
  • Many accounting and business packages have been developed solely for the PC.
  • Some applications are not available for the Mac and in some cases those that are, may not work as well.


  • Macs can now be configured to run Windows XP and Vista, which means that they can use the same software as PCs.
  • The latest version of Microsoft’s Office is not only available for the Mac but is also compatible with the Windows version, so you can share documents.
  • The Mac comes with its own suite of applications, which enables you to do the basic day-to-day things, and most importantly they are easy to use.


  • The PC is not particularly well known for stylish looks and design.
  • However, some manufacturers have taken a leaf out of Apple’s book and produced some sleek-looking machines.


  • What can we say; when it comes to style Mac wins hands down. They are the epitome of style and sophistication.


  • As the PC dominates the market, support is more readily available and therefore easier to get hold of and cheaper, which may be a deciding factor for your business.


  • Support isn’t as readily available as for a PC; however the Mac is less likely to need it.
  • If you consider that Apple makes every component and the software, so if it goes wrong we know where the fault lies.
  • You can purchase an Apple protection plan which will get up to three years of support and repair coverage.


  • For those of us who use a PC on a daily basis will find them easy to use.


  • Macs are designed with the user in mind. Apple prides itself on producing hardware and software that is easy and simple to use. The popularity of the iPhone and iPad can be put largely down to the way the devices look but also to how easy they are to use.
  • Apple offers usability classes via its shops.


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