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What is success? Seven influencers reveal what success means to them

Entrepreneurs 07-11-2020

The word ‘success’ can be defined in a multitude of ways. We all want success, and will do anything to achieve it. But what does that really mean?

We partnered up with our friends at CHIVAS REGAL for their global campaign, ‘Success is a Blend’. It celebrates the belief instilled by founding brothers James and John Chivas that ‘blended is better’, in life and in Scotch.

We spoke to seven influencers to demonstrate how their own unique blend is what makes them who they are, and ask what real success means to them.

Parle Patel – Presenter / Performer


How might you define success?

“Success to me, means different things. Whilst it means a way of working, function and processing, it is also partly a destination. One which involves jumping over speed bumps or understanding why it’s okay to sometimes stop, set up base camp and continue when you are ready again. But mostly, success is that feeling you get when you are content with yourself, your endeavours and efforts and are at ease with yourself – even if others or a more critical version of yourself isn’t satisfied. It is only when I process success that I feel like I can inspire others to be successful whilst also keeping my heart and mind open to their ideas of success!”

Sharon and Mandeep – Fashion Designers


Do you think success can be taught? If so, how?

“We believe that all skills are learnable, and that success follows the application of your knowledge and skills. The definition of success however is subjective, in that what may be fulfilling work for one individual may feel insipid to another. There is great reward in continually defining your purpose to allow for the development of meaningful habits and values.

Success for us does not necessarily lie in an end goal, but rather in a process; a process of discipline around our passion that gives us a shared meaning for what we do. We choose to educate ourselves on and absorb the skills that enrich our process.”

Indy Sagoo – Photographer


What are your success habits?

“My success habit is to keep starting again.  Now, that doesn’t mean that what you’ve already done has failed, it means to always be open to learning something new.  As a photographer, that translates directly into consistent shooting, whether it’s paid or not.  Throw yourself into different scenarios, shoot different things, shoot without your normal setup.  Whatever you do that is different to your norm will inform you and you will learn how to adapt.  Then, when you’re on a job where it really counts, you have all the tools mentally at your disposal to do the best job possible.”

Sach Kukadia – Entrepreneur


What do you think is the secret to success?

“There’s no secret to success. If you believe in luck and quick wins then I can assure you, this is not reality. Anything I’ve done that has had any measure of success has taken me years of hard graft. It’s often the case that what’s on the surface is not a true reflection, and the only way to win in life requires hard work and dedication. What’s more is the need to be super tenacious and to never accept failure. It’s so easy to give up but if you want it enough and you give it the right level of attention, the universe will make it so.

I’m a big believer in energy and positivity and keeping a forward view with a level head. What’s helped me greatly is focusing on my goals every evening before I sleep in the form of prayer. Many people do not appreciate the power of the human subconscious and if you visualise your goals before you sleep, I find they tend to come true.”

Niki Mahon – Jewellery Designer


What three ingredients do you think are needed for success?

“Firstly, thick skin. Throughout your business journey, loved ones may doubt you, customers may leave critical reviews, competitors may try to sabotage you, so you need to ensure you do not let these outside factors create self-doubt in what you are doing. Keep your blinkers on and keep working on your goals no matter what others say. Secondly, self-confidence. If you are naturally an introvert, it might be a little harder for you to do well in business as a big aspect is putting yourself or your brand out there. It’s important to build confidence to network with others, speak publicly, post to thousands on social media. Keep working on things outside of your business that improve your presence and all-round confidence. Then third, adaptability. Consumerism is constantly changing and it’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and adapt your business as time goes on. It’s important to fill many different roles as an entrepreneur and step out of your comfort zone regularly.”

Shaye – Music Producer


Describe how success feels?

“Not going to university and taking a risk to pursue what was a dream and passion was one of the hardest things I’ve done. As a British Asian trying to pursue music full time was a challenge both mentally and emotionally. However, being surrounded by good friends and people who believed in me gave me the motivation to carry on and not look back or have any regrets. After years of not giving up, I began to grow stronger and was finally getting the outcome that I felt I truly deserved after years of hard work and determination. I am now a partner and a producer artist signed to Big Bounce Group alongside the incredible Bambi Bains and business mogul and entrepreneur Sach Kukadia. Success feels like an achievement within myself, and hopefully I can be a role model to the new generation. My new journey kick starts here.”



Photographs by Kam Parmar
On location at Lillie Square, London

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