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Savage & Rose. The brothers who believe in jewellery without boundaries

Entrepreneurs 20-02-2019

Representing raw British talent, e-commerce jewellery business Savage & Rose was launched by Krishan and Arjun Chopra. Arjun tells AWM about their journey and motivation for setting up the luxury brand.

Based in Mayfair, Savage & Rose was set up by the brothers to offer timeless, yet innovative designs using premium materials at an affordable price. “We don’t intend to follow any “norms” or “rules” and our name and jewellery reflects this,” says Arjun. “Savage & Rose intends to innovate through design, and ultimately, we aim to design every piece to stand out alone.”

The idea of the jewellery brand stemmed from skills and ideas the brothers picked up over the years. Their family has been in the jewellery industry for the past 35 years and both brothers made a conscious effort to work in a variety of roles to understand the workings of a business.

“The crux of the inception of Savage & Rose came when I was 17 and started my own cricket gear brand,” says Arjun. “I wanted to sell cricket gear made from top quality materials at a price that was affordable for my peers at the cricket club. I travelled to different countries to find a manufacturer and designed a selection of gear – from cricket bats to elbow guards.”

Having sold out of all his cricket stock before university, Arjun decided to hold off on the business and concentrate on his studies. It was when they were at university in Birmingham that Arjun and Krishan thought of applying the same business ideals to a jewellery brand – to sell high quality, innovative, jewellery at a price that was affordable compared to their potential competitors.

As well as their undergraduate degrees, Arjun completed his GIA Graduate in Diamonds course while Krishan took on the GIA Coloured Stones and Jewellery Essentials, increasing their collaborated industry knowledge.

Savage & Rose steadily took shape and was officially launched online in October 2016, with their central office in Mayfair. “They say the first impression is the one that sticks, and there’s no better way of making a great first impression than by having a stand-out business address,” says Arjun. “Central London is home to a diverse array of UK and international businesses and organisations so being here enables us to take advantage of the Capital’s rich culture and recreational offerings.

“The internet is the way forward. With the crisis hitting the high street and with more and more services and businesses moving online, we wanted an online presence to be our initial move.”

On their daring name, Arjun says: “We wanted a name that wouldn’t be orderly to hear in the jewellery industry. Our name reflects our purpose – to push boundaries, to be independent, and represent a lifestyle.”

Savage & Rose’s collections are aimed at women between the ages of 20-35, with prices ranging from £150, to exclusive, bespoke, one-off pieces reaching £25,500.

Being brothers has certainly helped them in shaping the business, and allowed them to constantly bounce ideas off each other. “We both have our individual strengths and passions considering our supposed different personalities. In the beginning, when all we had was the idea of a brand, we quickly realised we were on the same page with the kind of direction we wanted to take and this has certainly helped with our progression,” Arjun recalls.

“We have similar interests and a close friends circle so we spend a lot of time with each other. This allows us to ‘talk shop’ and brainstorm ideas whenever they pop up.”

Arjun says that their parent’s advice has been key in growing their brand. “Our parents have always said to excel in the areas of the business you naturally favour, but always know how to do each other’s area of work. This has been incredibly invaluable for us and it really ensures that all parts of the business are running smoothly.”

This year is holding a lot of exciting things for Krishan and Arjun. “As a new(ish) brand we’re continually pushing boundaries and creating new concepts,” he says.

“We have a new range coming soon which we’re all very excited about. It has been designed specifically to attract our core market. We’re also launching the range in a few new materials which traditionally we haven’t used so that’s a very exciting move for us, and maintains our innovative presence in the market.”

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