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Refresh your brand with Creative ID’s Vaishali Shah

Business Life 28-08-2018

A brand must not only create, but maintain a strong presence in the marketplace. Vaishali Shah, CEO of Creative ID, says it’s the perfect time to look at your brand through fresh eyes and re-energise it.

Vaishali Shah, entrepreneur, award-winning designer and philanthropist, doesn’t like staying still. She spent early 2018 flying from London to Jersey, India and Nairobi. Her business, Creative ID is based in London’s Mayfair, while her design studio specialising in bespoke stationery is in Jersey. She jetted to India to do staff appraisals, as well as to find inspiration from the country’s colours, textures and patterns. In East Africa, she was working in her role as Head of Marketing for the family company, Minerva Trust, an international fiduciary business.

Vaishali simply doesn’t do routine, boredom and humdrum. She’s a mover and shaker. She constantly feeds her imagination, taking ideas from art and visiting galleries. Vaishali’s favourite quote is by Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake, who said ‘Design is not a philosophy. It’s for life’, “because design is constantly evolving,” she says.

In January, Creative ID turned 18 and it never stops finding new, creative design solutions for clients.

AWM asks Vaishali for her expert opinion on how businesses can refresh and revive their brand, particularly digital media that’s always hungry for new content.

AWM: Why should businesses invest in a revamp?

In a changing marketplace, established businesses must stay relevant and ‘in touch’ with their customers’ evolving needs.

Consider a revamp if:

  • The business has a new focus market, i.e. moving from mass market to niche luxe
  • The product you offer is changing and the brand identity needs to reflect that
  • Perhaps the company name is changing because you’ve outgrown it or you need to rebuild from reputational damage
  • A big marketing push is planned and the branding, logo and tone of voice are looking or feeling tired and dated
  • Your business evolved or expanded recently and your brand needs to accommodate the expansion

If your branding is dated then the business could be perceived as being out of touch with your customers, and is a missed opportunity to continue to engage with current and potential clients. Periodic assessment of your brand will enable you to adapt to emerging trends and ensure it remains a perfect fit with your ideal customers.

AWM: What are the new design trends?

An authentic, ethical and transparent communication of a brand is what people appreciate and value. Deliver what you say you will.

In this digital era make your website your shop window.
Everything from the logo’s font to the photos that sell your product can help attract the right market and new customers. Your social media needs to reflect and be consistent with the rest of your branding. Facebook and Twitter cover images, for example, need to be continually refreshed.

Take every opportunity to interact and ‘touch’ your customers;
whether it’s by telling a story about your organisation or something that makes an emotional impact on them. It establishes a memorable connection to your brand, is unique to you, and helps it stand out from competitors.

Give customers a ‘live’ experience of your brand through a video.
Videos should be an important aspect of your overall branding strategy. They can be engaging, tell a story, changed frequently and help to drive traffic. A video gives the brand fresh appeal and keeps the customers up to date with news and information. Videos can help solve a problem or demonstrate helpful tips. 68% of consumers would prefer to watch an explainer video to solve a problem.

Custom artwork and handdrawn illustrations are becoming increasingly popular.
Dedicated artwork not only conveys a story better and adds personality to a brand, but it also helps create a distinctive design. Similarly, there is a move away from polished photography or stock library images to more gritty, real-world, authentic photographs. Although we do follow design trends at Creative ID, we make sure that what we design is what is best for our clients and their target audience.

AWM: What is involved in a redesign?

Whatever the impetus behind your rebrand you need to be identifiable as a brand for all the right reasons. Before we undertake any redesign work, we ask our clients pertinent questions about their business to better understand their requirements and to assist us with the redesign concepts. What does the company/brand stand for?  What keywords would best describe their business?  Who are their three main competitors?

Be authentic in the way the redesigned brand is communicated. For 80% of consumers, authenticity is the most influential factor in their decision to follow a brand. Finding the right words and establishing a brand voice is an important part of the authenticity of your brand. Authenticity builds trust.

For further information about branding and design, contact Vaishali Shah on (0)20 7242 1877. 

Photograph by Kam Parmar
On location at the Maddox Gallery

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