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Pritesh Lad: Continuing a legacy from construction to luxury furniture

Entrepreneurs 14-06-2020

Founder of luxury furniture and interiors company St James Interiors, Pritesh Lad tells AWM how the exciting modern venture is deeply rooted in his family line of joinery and construction.

“My grandfather opened my eyes to craftmanship…whether we were at the workshop, or out at the shops or a restaurant, he would point out examples of craftsmanship around us. He would look at the detail, its quality, and tell me how the person who made it has put love and time into the finish.”

A passion come to life, handcrafted bespoke joinery St James Interiors was established by Pritesh Lad to bring together his business of construction and his love of creative, modern design.

Pritesh tells me how he absorbed the values of his trade when he was barely a teen and was accompanying his father to work at the family business, Lad Construction.

“I was always surrounded by people from specialist trades, designers, architects, engineers and craftsmen. It was a great experience because you start to pick up and learn what they do, how they speak and their tricks of the trade.”

At this formative age, Pritesh wasn’t to know that this on-site work experience would set him on his life’s journey. He took over the Lad Construction when his father unfortunately passed away suddenly.  “I worked to build up the construction business, which we renamed Ethos, as we honed in the ‘ethos’ that my father and grandfather had passed on to us—the way we work, and the relationships we established.”

St James’ Interiors was established in 2018 as a means for Pritesh to unleash the generations of craftsmanship and creativity that he says, is in his blood.

“It has always been a passion of mine, and now with St James Interiors, I can channel that creativity in my own direction,” he says. “Luxury craftsmanship is years of passed-down knowledge, experience and skill to create bespoke pieces of work. For my clients, I’m passing on that legacy by infusing our craftsmanship with modern technology and passion to deliver modern, timeless luxury.”

Working directly with clients, interior designers, architects and developers, St James Interiors brings style and individuality to homes, private residences, hotels, private jets and luxury yachts. Pritesh tells me that relationship building is key to bringing it all together.

With all their work handcrafted by talented craftsmen in Britain, St James provides a turnkey solution to all interior needs / requirements. Such as kitchens, wine rooms, staircases, bespoke commissioned free-standing furniture, built-in wardrobes, to name a few.

Of all the beautiful pieces created by St James, and envisaged at their showroom, Pritesh says it’s the signature Vithal Jesse Desk and the Dhan Desk that epitomise his brand and his passion.

“Designing the Vithal Jesse Desk is what spurred me to create St James and take it to the market. The solid walnut desk showcases what we do. The quality, the design…that one piece encapsulates everything we’re about.”

The Vithal Jesse, named after his grandfather Vithal, and his wife Jesse, has been showcased at exhibitions and showrooms around the country, along with The Dhan desk, which was named after his late father.

“I love creating something from inception. A client comes with their thoughts and then taking that idea to create something that is going to blow them away is really what drives me,” says Pritesh. “My business is hugely based upon relationships and working with others is a skill that I’m good at. Understanding, listening and processing to give clients exactly what they want.”

Lockdown has been an opportunity for Pritesh to design a new range of furniture, which he says will also be sold online. Prices currently range from a coffee table at £2000, to the Vithal Jesse desk for £30,000.

“We’ve had orders from around the world,” says Pritesh. “I’m currently sketching ideas and coming up with new concepts for the new range, but after lockdown is lifted, we will continue working with designers, architects, to create amazing bespoke interiors.”

Giving back to the industry is something that Pritesh is hugely passionate about.

“It’s so important for me to contribute to bringing back the art of craftsmanship,” he says. “Throughout the lockdown period, there has been a revival of appreciation for the hand-made, the home-made. People are starting to understand the process behind the intricacy and the time behind beautiful work.

“Using the platform of St James interiors to support up and coming craftsmanship, we are trying to restore the appreciation of timeless wisdom. We’re proud to be part of a truly British company offering British work.”

Photographs by Kam Parmar

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