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Entrepreneurs 04-08-2018

Sophia Bonini looks at some of the UK’s top British Asian female Instagram influencers and explores how the social platform has helped them.

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram quickly gained worldwide popularity. In recent years it has become a stepping stone for many of its 375 million subscribers to become influencers and launch their own business ventures. Whether it is fashion, travel, beauty or fitness there is something for everyone.

These top accounts offer a range of high quality content giving everyone a clear insight into their lives and brands. With Instagram influencers now massively popular, we’ve put together a collection of British Asian female accounts that we think are worth a follow.

@nikimahon  75k Followers

Nikita is an entrepreneur and founder of Nikita by Niki, selling both jewellery and homeware. Although being an influencer was something she did not consider at first, Niki had always dreamt of running her own business. Growing up with parents involved with shipping and selling goods, Niki channelled her energy and knowledge, combining her love for fashion with her social media presence to create her online retail business. With a whole day set aside each week for creating content for her account, and being the face of the business, she really feels the pressure to always look good for her 75,000 followers. With her business vision set on having concessions with large retailers, as well as continuing her partnership with Amazon, it is vitally important that both Niki and the brand stay on top of the latest jewellery trends and post high quality content. “With the increase in followers linked to an increase in sales, it is important for a brand to remain active and innovative on social media,” she says. “Nikita by Niki is a visual brand, so the posts must convey the quality and style that the jewellery carries too.

The target market of my jewellery and home products are young, image-conscious women between the ages of 20-35, which happens to be the demographic of my Instagram following. This means the two marry perfectly, as I am able to showcase my products effortlessly to my exact target market via Instagram whenever I post.”

Having successfully created a business that is so closely tied to Instagram, Niki advises aspiring entrepreneurs to be genuine with what they post. “This will carry authenticity with the brand, something that is business critical,” she says. She has found that her social media presence has a direct correlation with sales, so maintains that the key to growing following is to keep posts consistent and regular. Lastly, invest time in photography, an account may not expand if the images are poor quality because it may be felt that the account reflects the products.

Niki loves to follow other hard working women in the business and two of her biggest inspirations are @thehautepursuit and @thinkreese. “They are both strong, dedicated women who live and breathe their fashion brand in both a personal and professional sense.”

@stylmk  33k Followers

Sharon and Mandeep are the designers of clothing brand StylmK The Label. With more than 33,000 followers since setting up their joint account in July 2016, it is clear to see why they are worth a closer look. They use the account to showcase their hand-designed outfits which are both affordable and carry the essence of ethnic wear. Instagram has allowed them to explore what they have been passionate about since a young age and allows them to express themselves freely. Uploading an image every day is seen as an absolute minimum. They represent Asian women honestly, using Instagram as a platform to represent Asian businesswomen and fill a gap in the market for female Asian entrepreneurs.

@hannahlondonspa  29k Followers

Shireen Khan set up Hannah London Spa salon in June 2017, with the aim of bringing amazing service and procedures to her clients through a number of different treatments. With Shireen being both fashion and beauty conscious, she has been able to create a high end, stylish salon, with Far Eastern influence. With over 29,000 followers constantly being updated with images of VIP guests, luxury treatments and the high-end salon interior, the Instagram content is always fresh and exciting. Whether beauty is a passion, or you are looking for your next treatment, the Hannah London account really highlights its expertise. The combination of excellent service and professionalism has led to huge popularity for Hannah London Spa.

@literallyanika  72k Followers

If worldwide travel is something you crave and aspire for, Anika’s account will certainly be one you are interested in. Anika Morjaria set up her account to document her travel lifestyle with the aim to gain media experience and allow her personality to shine through. This has paid off with her landing a television presenting job in Dubai. This has not stopped her from giving her 71,000 followers a glimpse into her travelling and adventurous lifestyle, so it is easy to see why she has also started to gain attention from major brands. Her vibrant range of images is not a quick job, with many stages involved, all done by herself to capture the locations at their best. Her followers also branch across all social media platforms, allowing for her zest for life and personality show through both videos and photos.

@taralondon  11k Followers

As health and fitness accounts continue to boom, Asian Wealth sees Tara’s account as a great one to follow. Authenticity is a key element for Tara’s Instagram, enabling her to have gathered over 11,000 followers in just a couple of years. She initially started by writing on healthy ways to cook the wide range of fresh vegetables available to her family in India.  But as she focused on fitness and food through the use of social media, her following grew, making her the popular influencer she is today. Although she still sees herself as a personal trainer, her wide following has seen her working closely with brands in the worlds of sport and food. Her followers are regularly treated to recipes and clothing in a way that is easily accessible and highly recommended.


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