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The Laser Clinic Group: Making a new business venture smooth work

Business Life 26-01-2021

“When people join us on this journey, I make a point to share our objective — that our goal is to help people look good and feel good about themselves. If we can achieve that then the business is naturally a success.”

Bhavesh Dhamecha is founder of The Laser Clinic Group. The company has grown steadily since it was established in 2012 and now has a training academy and a chain of over 10 successful aesthetic clinics in and around London.

As a highly successful franchise model, The Laser Clinic Group appeals to people from the beauty industry as well as those from other backgrounds. Bhavesh previously worked as a buyer’s agent in London, selling high end properties to investors. He tells me that paying attention to his mum’s line of work made him realise the lucrative prospects within the aesthetics industry.

“My mum used to run a salon, and I immediately noticed she was making a lot of money on advanced treatments. I was into a number of different businesses at that time and I saw that aesthetics could be a good business opportunity.”

Bhavesh started looking into setting up his own laser clinic business. He established the brand, hired a franchise consultant and very quickly started to get franchisees on board. The main focus of the business is on four key areas—hair removal, anti-ageing, fat loss, and skin conditions. He simultaneously started to sell devices, white labelling laser machines and fat loss devices with The Laser Clinic Group’s unique branding. They recently sold machines to a clinic owned by the Queen of Bahrain, where they are currently working on setting up a master franchise.

Bhavesh suggests that aesthetic treatments are on the rise in the beauty industry as technology has evolved dramatically. “The more basic treatments are becoming inferior and there are brand new technologies that get results,” he says. “People don’t want to go under the knife. Why would you when you can get a good result at a good price? Aesthetics are not high cost and non-invasive. Our goal is to be the leaders and innovators in aesthetics treatments and continue to adapt in a changing market.”

Being a franchisee allows an entrepreneur to grow within a proven, well established method. “The beauty business can be quite lonely if you’re working entirely on your own,” says Bhavesh. “When you’re doing the tactical job of administering the treatment, it leaves little time to work on the business.”

The Laser Clinic Group offers a turnkey business opportunity. They offer all of the training, source the right properties, offer legal advice, assist with licensing and asset finance, down to setting up their open day.

“The benefit of a franchise model is that we can support you, and eliminate much of the hard work. We guide you through the process, from start to finish and, provide everything needed to set up a successful business with The TLC group.”

There are few barriers to entry, especially as business runs its own training academy which provides all of the relevant qualifications required for the business.

Bhavesh says that an ideal franchisee is someone who has the right kind of personality to be an owner-operator. While they don’t need to be experienced in beauty therapy, they should be likeable as a person and should understand how to make a business work.

“Franchisees can rest assured that their business will have a client base from the word go. It is a lucrative market and we will provide the expertise, knowledge, technologies, products and professional assistance to ensure the franchisee succeeds.

“The Laser Clinic Group is an innovative brand that will continue to adapt to the needs of our clients in the aesthetics industry and our clear clinical brand image stands out from our competitors.”

Find out more about TLC Group’s franchise model, please call 07903276064 or email [email protected]

Photographs by Rory Gullan

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